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Size: 8-1/2" x 5-5/8"
Copyright Date: 1883 (but not necessarily issued by Arbuckles' then)
Lithographer: L. Prang & Co. Boston

"A happy Xmas"
Prang - A happy Xmas

"The world is sunk in happy dreams,
Each heart has forgot its sorrow;
The Earth is dreaming of the Spring,
While Earthlings dream of to-morrow.

Above the quiet folded eyes,
The spirits of Dreamland hover;
The children dream of gifts and games,
The maiden dreams of her lover.

May gentle spirits on thee attend,
Till the Christmas morn is breaking;
May happy dreams be thine, dear friend,
And a happier awakening!

                              E. S. F.

Reverse(s): The "Four Points" ('8c') (overprinted as shown)