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Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


Ox-tail Soup.
NO. 1.--As a rule, you can purchase ox-tails from your butcher. After washing two tails, put them into a kettle with about four quarts of cold water and a little salt; let it boil (in the meantime skimming off the broth) until the meat is well cooked; take out the bones, add a little tomato, carrot and onion. It is good policy to make this soup a day before using, so that the fat can be taken from the top. Next day add vegetables and boil an hour and a half longer.

NO. 2.--Chop the tail into small pieces, put on the fire with a teaspoonful of butter, and stir until brown, and then pour off the fat; add broth to taste, boil gently until the pieces of tail are well cooked, season with pepper, salt, and three or four tomatoes, boil fifteen minutes, and then serve. This soup can be made with water, in which case season with turnips, carrots, onions and parsley.

NO. 3.--Two ox-tails, if properly stewed, and a couple of pounds of gravy beef and a bone of ham, will make an excellent soup. Cut the tails into joints, and boil very gently for several hours in a sufficient quantity of water, with the beef and ham, carrots, turnips and celery, two or three onions, a piece of crust of bread, a bunch of sweet herbs, a clove or two, and some pepper-corns. Take out the tails when tender, and let the beef, etc., boil four hours longer; then strain the liquor and remove the fat in the same manner as for clear gravy soup. If made without ham-bones or other flavoring ingredients, it will require the addition of a little catsup or some of the prepared sauces, and a glass of wine, with a moderate quantity of cayenne. Add the tails, and some pieces of carrot and turnip cut into fancy shapes.
     When thick ox-tail soup is preferred, proceed in the same manner as above, and thicken the broth with brown roux.