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#8 - CORN

Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


CORN MUFFINS.--Take a large teaspoonful of butter, a little salt, one-third of a cup of yeast, one quart of Indian meal, sifted, a tablespoonful of molasses, and one quart of milk. After mixing, let it stand and rise for about five hours; bake in muffin rings, and serve hot. These are very delicious with butter and maple syrup.

CORN STARCH MERINGUE.--Four eggs, one quart of milk, three-fourths cup of sugar, four teaspoonsful corn starch, one-half cup fruit jelly or jam. Heat the milk to boiling, and stir in the corn starch, which has previously been dissolved in a little cold milk. Boil fifteen minutes, stirring all the while. Remove from the fire, and while still hot add gradually the yolks of the eggs, beaten up with the sugar and seasoned with vanilla, lemon or bitter almond. Pour this into a buttered pudding dish and bake fifteen minutes, or until the custard begins to "set." Without withdrawing it further than the oven door, spread lightly and quickly upon this a meringue of the whites, whipped up stiff, with a half cup jelly; add gradually. Use crab apple jelly if bitter almond has been put in the custard; currant for vanilla; strawberry, or other sweet conserve, if you season the custard with lemon. Bake, covered, for five minutes. Then remove the lid and brown the meringue very slightly. Eat cold, with powdered sugar sifted thickly over the top.

BAKED INDIAN PUDDING.--Take one quart of milk; let it come to a boil, and stir in carefully seven tablespoonsful of yellow Indian meal. Let it scald thoroughly taking care it don't stick to the bottom and scorch. When a little cooled, add one teacupful of finely chopped beef suet, one teacupful of molasses, half cup of seeded raisins, a small half teaspoonful of salt, one well-beaten egg; flavor with nutmeg. Put in a teacupful of cold milk the last thing before baking.