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#18 - VEAL

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.

Veal Calf

NOTE: The black-backed version of this card exists with the text on the reverse of the card oriented in either direction relative to the front of the card. (That is to say, the top edge, when looking at the horizontal front of the card, may be aligned with either the left or right edge, when looking at the vertical back of the card.)

Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


CUTLETS OF VEAL.-- Take one egg and beat it a little, roll the cutlet in it, then cover over with rolled crackers; mix a lump of butter and lard hot in the skillet, put in the meat and cook slowly. When nicely browned on both sides, stir in one tablespoonful of flour for gravy, add half a pint of sweet milk, and let it come to a boil; season to taste, and pour over the meat, or serve in a separate dish, as preferred.

VEAL PATTY.--Chop some veal and a bit of lean ham or tongue together; make a little good beef gravy hot, add a little cream, and make it boil; shake a little pepper over the veal, add a little shallot of garlic, and put all into the gravy. Make it thoroughly hot. Fill your patties when you take them out of the cream.

POTTED VEAL.--Chop two pounds of veal with a quarter pound of pork, two beaten eggs, two Boston crackers rolled, one gill of cream, teaspoonful of pepper, salt, a little thyme, one onion, and chopped parsley. Bake for two hours, and cover while baking.

VEAL ROLL.--Use three and a half pounds of chopped veal, two slices of chopped pork, eight rolled crackers, two eggs, a piece of butter the size of an egg, two teaspoonsful of pepper, one tablespoonful of salt; mix well in baking dish, and bake slowly for two hours. Eat hot; or, sliced, cold.