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#19 - CANDY

Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


CREAM CANDY.--Take four cups of sugar, two cups of water, three-quarters of a cup of vinegar, one cup of cream or rich milk, a piece of butter the size of an egg, two teaspoonsful of vanilla, and a pinch of soda; let it boil till it cracks in water, then pour into buttered tins, and when sufficiently cool pull or work up until very white.

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL.--Take one-half cup of grated chocolate, one cup of warm water, three-quarters of a cup of butter, and two cups of sugar; let it boil without stirring until it snaps in water; pour this into a buttered tin dish, and let it stand until nearly cold; then by taking a table-knife and dipping it into butter, you can cut into blocks of any size you wish. The meat of any kind of nut, cut up fine, can be added to this just before pouring into the tins.

VANILLA CREAM.--Three cups of sugar, one and a half cups of water, one-half teaspoonful of cream tartar, a piece of butter the size of a walnut, flavor with vanilla; boil until it begins to thread or harden in cold water, and pull when cold.
     If chocolate flavoring is desired, grate it over the hot candy, or place some melted chocolate on it before pulling. Pulled candy should never be removed after putting it into the plates, as it is liable to granulate.

MOLASSES CANDY.--Use three cups of yellow coffee sugar, one cup of molasses, one cup of water, half tablespoonful of cream tartar, and a piece of butter the size of a walnut; then follow the directions given above for vanilla cream.

LEMON DROPS.--Boil the sugar until quite brittle in the proportion of half a cup of water to two cups of white sugar; flavor with lemon, and drop the candy in small drops on buttered paper, and allow it to cool.