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Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


POTATO CROQUETTES.--Mix four ounces of grated Westphalia or other ham with one pound of mealy potatoes, mashed with butter, salt and two eggs; form them into small loaves and fry them in butter; serve them hot, with brown gravy.

POTATO CHIPS.--The potatoes must be pared raw and cut in long pieces; put them into water, or they will turn black; then in a cloth to dry. Shake a little flour over them, and be sure to have the lard quite hot, otherwise they will boil instead of crisping. Before dishing up, sprinkle a little salt over the chips.

POTATO YEAST.--To eight large potatoes, boiled and mashed through the colander, add one teacup brown sugar, one-half teacup fine salt, one quart of flour sifted, three pints of water, one yeast cake to start with. This will keep a month in cool weather.

POTATOES FRIED IN CREAM.--Mix together over the fire half a tablespoonful each of flour and butter until it bubbles; stir in half a pint of hot milk, beating the sauce smooth; season with a saltspoonful of salt and one-quarter as much of pepper. Use enough of this sauce to moisten some cold chopped potatoes, and fry them brown in butter, keeping them pressed together to make a cake.
     Cold chopped potatoes are nice browned in fat without the sauce, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

STUFFED SWEET POTATOES.--Wash and boil tender in boiling water, cut a slice from one side of each one, scooping out nearly all the interior; mash it with pepper, salt and butter; or omit the butter, using instead some cooked bacon, fat ham, or sausage meat; return this force-meat to the potatoes, replace the slices first cut off; put the potatoes in the oven to heat for ten minutes and serve them hot.