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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


STRAWBERRIES PRESERVED WHOLE.-Select nice large strawberries that are not too ripe, and to every pint of fruit add three-quarters of a pound of fine white sugar. Put the berries on a dish and add a little more than half of the sugar over them; then shake the dish well, so that the under berries may equally get the sugar. Instead of using water, use one pint of currant juice. Simmer the berries till well jellied, then put into jars or cans.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.--For one shortcake, two or three hours before wanted, crush a large quart of strawberries with two cups of granulated sugar, and set away in a cool place. For the crust, sift with two cups of flour one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder. Chop into the flour one-third cup of butter; then, with cool hands, mix lightly until like meal. Add one cup of sweet milk, and more flour if necessary. Mix as little as possible, and have the dough as soft as can be handled. Roll out one-half of dough. Put in tin, and butter generously to prevent layers sticking. Cover with the other half and bake carefully. Lift off the upper layer and place it, soft side up, on a large platter. Butter, and spread over it one-half the berries. Butter the remaining layer like the first, put on top, and spread over it the remainder of berries. Just before serving, pour over the shortcake one pint of sweetened cream.

STRAWBERRY MARMALADE, OR JAM.--Put six pounds of ripe red strawberries into a stew-pan with five pounds of fine white sugar; boil it, and stir it over a sharp fire until the surface is covered with clear bubbles; try a little upon a plate; if it sets, fill the jars, cover the top of each marmalade with papers dipped in brandy; cover each jar tightly, and keep it in a cool and dry place until it is wanted.