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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.

Black bass

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Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
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Black Bass.
This noble fish can be classed for its game qualities among such other fresh-water fish as the salmon, muskalonge and trout. There are a number of species, but the best known and most popular are the Oswego, or large mouth, and the small mouth, both of which are found largely in the interior and northern fresh-water lakes and their tributaries.
     These fish are very powerful in their movement and quick in action, and, when hooked, will try the skill and nerve of the angler, as well as the strength and quality of the tackle. When once they make up their minds to "jump," they do so with almost as much force and speed as a salmon, coming clear out of the water and shaking themselves in a vicious manner to try and "throw the hook." Then is the time that the angler thinks that "life is worth living," and that his cup of joy and excitement is filled. They are taken with a fly, trolling spoon and live bait, according to the season of the year or caprice of Mr. Bass.

BAKED BASS.--The fish, after being washed clean and dried, is put in a pan with a spoonful of flour and a little water. Baste the fish with the sauce occasionally while cooking. The fish will take ten minutes to cook in a hot oven. Serve cut into four pieces, and pour over it a little melted butter, and trim with parsley. Bass baked in cream is very nice.

BOILED BASS.--Clean and prepare by wiping dry in the insides, and if the fish has roes put them inside and tie up. Put fish in kettle with cold water, with some parsley, little vinegar, and a sliced onion, or more if flavor is liked; salt well. Boil until the eyes protrude. It is well to have a fish strainer in the bottom of kettle, in order to remove fish without breaking. Drain well. Dish, pour over a good cream sauce, decorate with parsley and hard-boiled eggs.