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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Knapp & Co.


Reverse - Text

Left half:   THE FOUR POINTS
Right half:


ROAST LEG OF VENISON.--Make a paste of one quart of flour and a pint of cold water; cover the venison with this, and place before a hot fire or in a very hot oven; as the paste browns, baste it frequently with the gravy in the pan. When it has cooked an hour and a half, take off the paste, cover with butter, and dredge with flour. Cook another hour, basting. Make a gravy of butter, flour, lemon juice and three tablespoonsful of currant jelly.

ROAST VENISON.--Take a haunch and spit it; butter four sheets of paper, and put two on the haunch; then make a paste with flour, butter and water, roll it out half as large as the haunch, and put it over the fat part; then put the other two sheets of paper on, and tie them with pack-thread; lay it to a brisk fire, and baste it well all the time of roasting. It will take from two to three hours to roast, according to the size of the piece of venison.
     Any one of the following sauces can be served with the venison; currant jelly, warm; or, half a pint of red wine with a quarter pound of sugar, simmered over a clear fire for five or six minutes; or, half a pint of vinegar and a quarter pound of sugar, simmered to a syrup.
     In case any of the venison is left over, it can be hashed and stewed with currant jelly, which makes a very fine dish.

STEWED VENISON.--Cut some slices of cold venison, stew it in some of its own gravy, dredge some flour over it, and add a mixture of butter, catsup and red currant jelly. Serve with square pieces of fried bread.

SMOKED VENISON is found in the markets during April and May. It is very nice when shaved like smoked beef. You may cut it in slices, pour tepid water over it, and broil it on a gridiron like beefsteaks; or it can be boiled like ham, requiring about half the time to cook that ham does. Smoked venison, covered with white-washed canvas, like Westphalia ham, will keep a long time.