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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

United States - circus, baseball, cycling, photography, yachting, fishing

Reverse - Text
Right section:
We are a cosmopolitan land, and as such, have attempted to take from all nations their best, rejecting what our judgments could not approve, and usually improving what we have taken. So it is with base-ball, the truly national game. This is the highest developement of which any form of playing with balls has thus far been found capable. It has taken something from football, from cricket, from hand-ball and evolved the most scientific game. In playing it well, every quality of the athlete comes into play. Yachting is another national sport and every sheet of navigable water is covered with the fairy sails of pleasure craft. Our country holds the World's supremacy in yachting.
The circus is pre-eminently an American institution, universally in favor with the young and one may say the old. The name of P. T. Barnum is more potent to the imagination and calls up more pleasure than almost any other that may be suggested.
Fishing counts its American devotees by the thousands.
Canoeing, a very popular sport of to-day is an inheritance from the aboriginal Indians who fashioned them of birch bark.
Cycling is a diversion that counts its devotees by the million. In 1819, a machine was invented derisively called a hobby-horse, but the feet of the propeller rested on the ground. With the advent of the "cycle" and "safety" a revolution in outings has been accomplished.
Amateur photography is a fad that has come in of recent years, but it has come to stay. The camera fiend is abroad in the land, and there's little of note that he does not capture.
Many other sports and pastimes engage our juvenile population, not the least of which is the celebration of the national holiday by the display of fireworks.

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