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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

France - tennis, fencing, billiards, dominoes

Reverse - Text
Right section:
FRANCE is a land whose inhabitants easily give themselves up to pleasure. They are a mercurial people, generous and whole-souled, extremely affable and polite, vivacious, quick of apprehension, nimble and agile. Their sports and pastimes partake more of skill than of strength. To this nation has been ascribed the invention of many games which are not properly their own. If the Frenchmen did not invent cards, it must be admitted cards were in greater vogue in France for generations than in any other country.
So too with Lawn Tennis. Whether invented by the French or not, during the middle ages it was largely played by them. The modern game bears only a rudimentary resemblance to Longue Paume, the French out-door tennis, or to Courte Paume, the indoor game.
Billiards, as played to-day, is eminently a French game. The very word is of French origin. So is the word Carom which gives its name to what is generally considered the finest and most scientific variation of the game for the general player. Billiards has a fascination peculiar to itself. Aside from its associations, no game combines intellect, skill, a subtle touch, accuracy of eye, and evenness of nerve to so great a degree.
Sword exercise has been practised at all times, but it was reserved for France to perfect the foil exercise now known as fencing. Schools for that purpose have long been popular throughout that country. Fencing is a most graceful exercise and calls into play many excellent qualities besides. Being beneficial physically it adds polish to manners and poise to the character.
Coaching is pre-eminently a French diversion.
Dominoes are more popular in France than in any other country.

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