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Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Switzerland - mountain climbing, hunting

"COPYRIGHT" Text Variations
There are two varieties (that I know of) in the "COPYRIGHT" text which appears on this card, as shown below. In both cases, the text appears in the lower right corner of the card.

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 27mm long. (This is the variety shown on the full-size card, above).

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 30mm long.
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Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE history of Switzerland is one long chapter devoted to freedom. How the unconquerable mountaineers fought for and preserved their liberty is written on the annals of the glorious nation. It was an arduous struggle and had it not been for their devotion, Switzerland would not be a republic to-day. Notwithstanding the small territory this country occupies, the character of its mountain dwellers and the burghers of its larger cities is very different. The latter are ingenious mechanics and staid merchants the former a jolly peasantry inured to out-door life.
The Monastery of St. Bernard and the dogs which take their name from that noble institution are universally known. These animals round whose necks a small flask of brandy has been fastened, and around whose body a warm blanket is strapped, penetrate the wild storms of their mountain heights, and finding a poor wayfarer overcome by the snow and weather, revive him to consciousness, and if he is unable to follow them to the shelter of the cloister, call for aid, and have him brought inside those hospitable walls. The Edelweiss, which grows only on the peaks of the Alps, is a beautiful blossom of velvety white. It is much sought after, but not without great risk to life and limb. These flowers are easily pressed and retain their beauty for years.
The Swiss mountaineers are splendid shots, and their favorite game is the chamois, a goat-like antelope, which dwells among the Alps. It has a wonderful power of scent, has great speed, and can leap enormous chasms. The true chamois-leather comes from this animal.
Mountain-climbing is greatly practised in Switzerland by both native and foreign tourists who annually visit this picturesque country in large numbers. The ascents to the summits are not without danger.

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