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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Denmark - merry-go-round, swans

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Danes are of the Scandinavian race, but the sea flows between them and Norway and Sweden. Like their brethren of these nations, they are blond, strong, healthy and rugged. They are tireless in work, but somewhat too serious minded for ardent pleasure seekers. Rough and ready, they are nevertheless gentle at heart. Their blue eyes now kindle with resentment, then melt with love. In the summer when they may take a cessation from labor, they relax sufficiently throughout nearly the whole country to pay one visit at least to Copenhagen. The occasion is the Fair. In the winter they share with neighboring nations the delights of the ice. Oftentimes the frozen waters are utilized however more for the purposes of commerce than of pleasure.
The Copenhagen Fair is held in a grove bordering that city. It is held near a well, which people originally visited because of superstitious veneration for the efficacy of its waters, Tents for the accommodation of all classes are pitched, and a great number of booths are erected. Wild beasts from all parts of the globe are exhibited. Exhibitions of horsemanship, rope-dancing, sleight-of-hand, wax-works and numerous entertainments are given. Even foreign dramas are enacted. On special evenings the gates of Copenhagen are left open so that the inhabitants may enjoy the benefits of the well, and the pleasures of the park.
Swans are numerous round the small islands of the Baltic. It used to be the custom to surround these islands in pinnaces, close in on them and kill the swans by the hundreds. The flesh is worthless but the feathers and down were preserved. These battues once so popular have become less so.
Salmon fishing is the favorite angling sport of the Danes; rowing is a pastime dear to both the male and female heart.

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