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#19 - POLAND

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Poland - dancing, hoops, boar, spear fishing

"COPYRIGHT" Text Variations
There are two varieties (that I know of) in the "COPYRIGHT" text which appears on this card, as shown below. In both cases, the text appears in the lower left corner of the card.

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 27mm long. (This is the variety shown on the full-size card, above.)

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 30mm long.
(For an overview of the copyright variations in Sports & Pastimes, click here.)

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE unhappy land of Poland preserved until very recently even after it had lost its nationality, a distinctive national life. Poland was a nation that deserved to be free, for under conditions most depressing, it struggled patriotically for that end; but fate and its unfavorable position decreed otherwise. Nevertheless that struggle of centuries left its impress on the national character. For Poland has a generous people, brave, high minded, light-hearted and liberal.
If there is one national characteristic impelling them to pleasure, it is their love for dancing. In the women especially this is a passion. The rhythmical genius of the Polish people has produced three forms of dance music, the Mazurka, the Polonaise and the Cracovienne. These have been adapted or imitated by every modern composer.
Late in August the polish peasantry celebrate their Harvest-Home. This is a national festival throughout the country, and young and old participate in the rolicking pleasures. The celebration is not an informal one, but is preceded by some ceremonies, and a song of praise. A favorite game with Polish children is "Hoops" decorated with red and white ribbons (their national colors) dexterously thrown and caught with the aid of sticks.
Spearing fish by moon-light is a favorite mode of fishing practised by the Polish. A torch light is set at the stern of the boat and a grate at the bow. These throw sufficient light over the water to attract the fish. Two men armed with spears await the game. Quick eyes and strong and steady arms soon suffice to give an ample supply.
Hunting finds many devotees in Poland, since game is very plentiful. The boar is the favorite animal of the chase.

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