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#25 - BRAZIL

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Brazil - squirt guns, fireworks, starch ball throwing

Reverse - Text
Right section:
BRAZIL is the most important country of South America. Its inhabitants are the descendants of the Spanish, a large proportion of Negros and a still greater percentage of Indians. The three races live together very amicably, the two latter recognizing the supremacy of the former. The whites are a pleasure-loving and easy-going people. They are picturesque, fiery in temper, but generous in disposition and manners.
The Brazilians love fire works. In pyrotechnics their native artists are equal to those of any country. While they excel in staple displays they have a variety of them not to be seen anywhere else. But it is in the representation of the human figure which is to surmount each display and in the movements imparted to them, that their excellence as artists is most strikingly shown. These figures are so well made that they might be taken for living individuals.
On the eve of what corresponds with our Hallowe'en, all sorts of rude sports are indulged in by the children. Many of these are familiar in our land; but some are reprehensible. The imps who enjoy great immunity on this occasion, procure great syringes, these they fill with water, not always over-clean, and squirt on passersby. On a par with this is the throwing of starch balls on the well-clad who may pass near where these mischievous urchins may be concealed.
The dancing of the negros is a feature of lower life in Brazil. It is grotesque and eccentric as negro dancing is wont to be. These negroes work hard and dancing is their relaxation. They gather in their small cabins and to the music of a solitary fiddle or accordeon, they shuffle through half the night.
Hunting the boar, tapir or wild ox is the great field sport of the Brazilian.

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