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#26 - CHILI

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Chile - dice throwing, cock fighting, lassoing

Reverse - Text
Right section:
CHILI is the most enterprising of the nations on the west coast of South America. Its inhabitants are mainly of Spanish origin, yet these have mingled so freely with the native Indian stock that a large percentage of the population is mixed. The climate of Chili is a temperate one, mild and balmy, and permits much out-door life. The people are much given to observe all the outer forms of religion, but they are not especially devotional. The established church is Roman Catholic, and the Chileans love the pomp and ceremony of religious festivals, which are of frequent celebration.
The Chileans are expert lasso throwers. Their lassoes or lariats are made of twisted hide to the thickness of the thumb. They are from fifty to sixty feet long. The thrower takes the coil of the lasso in his right hand, spurs his horse, throws with deftness and accuracy, and invariably catches in the noose the game he aims at. Bracing his steed against the advance or retreat of his prey, he is soon enabled to overthrow and conquer it.
Dice-throwing is universal throughout Chili, and played by nearly all classes. Inveterate gamesters, the street and the prairie become alike the field of their play. Often in public places, you may see an interested gathering surrounding a group of dice-throwers so intent upon their game that they scarcely observe that they are the centre of interest.
Cock-fighting arouses much enthusiasm, and is still another species of Chilean gambling. The animals are highly trained, and the inhumanity of the sport is entirely forgotten in the engrossing interest awakened by these contests.
The Zamacucca is the national dance, and is given with great abandon and grace. It is a rollicking and spirited measure.

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