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#27 - HAWAII

Size: 5" x 3"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Hawaii - hula dancing, surfing, alligator hunting

Reverse - Text
Right section:
Sandwich Islands.
ALTHOUGH the Sandwich Islanders are only recent converts to civilization, yet during the last thirty years they have made enormous strides toward enlightenment. Their manners, customs and practices were most primitive. But they are receptive and plastic, and with the advent of the first white settlers their improvement began. To-day they are in no wise inferior to our own masses. In most respects they are vastly superior to the remaining Islanders of the Pacific Ocean. They are a simple people, confiding, happy and easily satisfied.
The Sandwich Islanders are all natural expert swimmers, and seem to have been born amphibious. The climate is so delightful that the water is always inviting and refreshing. They indulge in all sorts of sports in the water, one of the most frequent being the use of frail planks in the surf. Passengers on Trans-Pacific steamers stopping at these islands, amuse themselves by throwing coins into the water. The native boys and girls plunge after these and invariably recover them.
The religion of these people is still primitive and crude. The forms are interesting and significant, but they are of course more and more losing their hold. Flying kites made of leaves or bark, and called manu or bird, is one of the sports of special religious significance. Girls arrayed in all the magnificence of barbarism dance at religious festivals and add to the weirdness of the worship. The noise of the drum also adds to the impression.
Alligator-hunting is very popular. Seldom does a native go forth on such a quest without bringing home a huge carcass for his pains.
The Sandwich Islanders, both male and female are expert horseback-riders.

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