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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Patagonia - panther hunting, egg stealing

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Patagonians are all born Nimrods. They are brought up to become brave, active and efficient men. Idleness is not tolerated. They are wonderful horsemen, and singularly expert in the use of their weapons. They lead lives of constant wandering and dwell consequently in habitations which can readily be removed. A few Patagonian tribes consist of men and women of great stature. It is a characteristic of this people that they are even greater nomads than the Arabs. Though but a half-civilized race, the various tribes live in amity, and the provocation must indeed be great, which incites to war.
The panther is one of the favorite species of game, this animal, a species of leopard becomes very desperate when attacked and it requires great watchfulness and accuracy of aim to save oneself from danger. But the Patagonians are cool and collected, and it is seldom they are victims of even the most ferocious of these animals. Ostrich and guanaco hunting are much indulged in. These species are captured more easily by rounding them up, than by individual effort.
Even the children's thoughts run to hunting and to similar sports. Their first impulse when they become old enough to toddle off by themselves, is the robbing of birds' nests.
So too, there seems to be a wonderful affinity between these children, and the tamer wild animals which infest the forests and streams of Patagonia. Often young children are found at play with flamingoes by the brookside.
Games of manual dexterity are very popular among the Patagonians. So are horse-racing and gambling, but the latter is very fairly conducted. Bull-fights, too, are frequently indulged in.
The Patagonian women embroider beautifully, and ornament their mantles, made of guanaco-skins with the best of taste.

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