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#29 - CUBA

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Cuba - cock fighting, bull fighting, see-saw

Reverse - Text
Right section:
CUBA, still owned by Spain, and most intimately allied to her by descent, still leads a distinct life. But though the whites are in authority, a large proportion of the population is negro. Like most dwellers in the tropics, the people are languid and display more energy in pursuit of pleasure than in business. The earth is bountiful in Cuba and thus assists its people.
The dancing of the African minuet never fails to attract an amused and enthusiastic throng. Two little negro girls dance very slowly and with much assumed dignity. Their accompaniment is the rhythmic strumming on an African drum made of sections of hollowed logs covered with skin.
The night of the 28th of December, is celebrated throughout Cuba as a carnival. The evening is opened with a masked ball which breaks up about midnight. Then the real fun begins. The gay masqueraders form into cliques, and wander through the town, forcing an ingress wherever they see a light. Only at daybreak does misrule yield sway.
The Cubans, like most Roman Catholic countries have many church holidays, these are called Fiestas. These days are given up to pleasure-seeking.
The Cubans are cruel in their instincts. Cock-fighting is one of their favorite sports. This reprehensible pastime is not deterred by the authorities. Cocks are openly trained for these combats, and the fights are made occasions for much high betting.
Of course bull-fighting is another Cuban popular sport. But these fights are not as elaborately presented as in Spain. The bulls are not so ferocious or well-trained and the fighters are a shabby lot of butchers.
The see-saw is a universal delight to Cuban children, who never seem to tire of swinging.

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