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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Anglo Saxon - archery, jousting

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Anglo Saxons though a composite race, became so well assimilated, that none might distinguish their individual origin. It was the fusion of two splendid races. The result was a vigorous, manly, brave and warlike nation, somewhat too fiery and quick to resent, but generous and magnanimous.
Their Gleemen were held in high esteem. The King and every great lord had one or more attached to his court. Every lowlier nobleman had some retainer who sang his praises, and told tales of his prowess. Later, these degenerated, and wayside minstrels found it hard to obtain hospitality where first they had been wont to be received royally.
Hunting was universally indulged in by the Anglo Saxons.
The tournament or joust reached its height of popularity with the Anglo Saxons, whose knights were ever ready to break a lance in honor of their lady's beauty. The tournament was the great fete of an entire country-side, and called thousands together to witness its various sports. Ofttimes a tournament lasted for days and excitement and partisanship ran very high. To win in the tourney was the greatest ambition of every high-born lad.
When at tournaments or in less peaceable contests, one or other of the knights was unhorsed, the battle between the combatants, whether in jest or in earnest, was ofttimes resumed on foot with battle-axes. These encounters were much more sanguinary and fierce as a rule than those on horseback where blunted lances were used.
Archery was an art with the Anglo Saxons. Do we not read of feats of dexterity almost incredible, as the cleaving of a hazel wand at a distance of two and three hundred feet. The bow and arrow was the weapon of the sturdy yeoman, and woe betide the luckless wight who should become the butt for one of these brave hearts of "Olde England."

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