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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Alabama map - Picking cotton, iron mill
Area: 51,998 sq. mi
Population: 2,138,093
Scenes: Cotton; Iron

Reverse - Text

Alabama is bounded by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico; gross area, 51,998 sq. miles; land area, 51,279 sq. miles; water area, 719 sq. miles; capital, Montgomery. The principal river is the Alabama.
     The surface of the State is rugged and uneven in the northern part and low and level in the southern part.
     The principal farm crops are cotton and corn.
     The State has large wealth in its mineral resources, which include coal, iron, asbestos, asphalt, pottery and porcelain clays, marble, granite, phosphates, natural gas, gold, silver and copper. The most valuable of these are coal and iron. Drink Arbuckles' Coffee. No other coffee gives you so much for your money.
     The principal industries are farming, mining, stock raising and manufacturing.
     The climate of Alabama is pleasant, although it lies within seven degrees of the tropics, the mean annual temperature being about 63 degrees Fahrenheit. In the northern and more elevated sections, the temperature is moderated by the sea breezes and seldom exceeds 95 degrees, except in July, when the thermometer has been known to record 104 degrees.
     Population in 1910, 1,074,209 males and 1,063,884 females; of whom 2,118,807 were of native and 19,286 of foreign birth; white, 1,228,832; negro, 908,282; Indian, 909; Chinese, 62; Japanese, 4; all others, 4. Total population, 2,138,093.
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