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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Connecticut map - Hardware Manufacturing; Clock Making; Pivot Lathes; Making Steel Springs
Area: 4,965 sq. mi
Population: 1,114,756
Scenes: Hardware Manufacturing; Clock Making; Pivot Lathes; Making Steel Springs

Reverse - Text

Connecticut, one of the thirteen original States, is bounded by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Long Island Sound and New York; gross area, 4,965 sq. miles; land area, 4,820 sq. miles; water area, 145 sq. miles; capital, Hartford.
     The surface of the State is hilly. The sea coast is over 100 miles in length, and is deeply indented by numerous bays and harbors, New Haven and New London being the largest and most important harbors. There are many varieties of trees, among which are oak, pine, cedar, tamarack, chestnut, beech, wild cherry, ash, basswood, hickory, walnut, willow, poplar, dogwood, sycamore and holly. Useful, beautiful gifts with Arbuckles' Coffee.
     Cereals, fruits and vegetables are grown in great abundance in the western valleys, and tobacco in the Connecticut valley.
     Of the various mineral productions, iron ore is the most abundant. There are immense quarries of red sandstone at Portland and Cromwell, and marble and limestone is quarried at Canaan and Washington. A large amount of orthoclase comes from Glastonbury and Middletown.
     Connecticut is one of the foremost manufacturing States, the principal articles being rolled brass and copper foundry and machine shop products, hardware, cotton goods, woolen goods, silk goods, plated and britannia ware, hats and caps, clocks, brass castings and finishings, corsets and worsted goods.
     The climate is temperate; there are no swamps or marshes.
     Population in 1910, 563,642 males and 551,114 females; of whom 785,182 were of native and 329,574 of foreign birth; white, 1,098,897; negro, 15,174; Indian, 152; Chinese, 462; Japanese, 71. Total population, 1,114,756.
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