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#18 - MAINE

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Maine map - Fishing Industry; Hunting; Lumber
Area: 33,040 sq. mi
Population: 742,371
Scenes: Fishing Industry; Hunting; Lumber

Reverse - Text

Maine is bounded by Canada, Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire; gross area, 33,040 sq. miles; land area, 29,895 sq. miles; water area, 3,145 sq. miles; capital, Augusta. You can get fine premiums easily and quickly with Arbuckles' Coffee.
     The surface of the State is hilly and mountainous, excepting along the coast, where it is flat and sometimes marshy. The highest elevation is Mt. Katahdin, 5,383 feet. The coast line is very irregular, and, with its numerous indentations, presents a length of over 2,000 miles. Maine has over 1,500 lakes. Moosehead Lake, the largest, is 35 miles long, 10 miles wide and 1,023 feet above sea-level. The forests are of great value and consist of principally pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, cedar, red oak, maple, beech, birch, ash, poplar, elm, dogwood, sassafras, butterwood, chestnut and willow.
     The principal minerals are stone and slate.
     The principal farm crops are hay, potatoes, oats, buckwheat, corn, barley, wheat and rye. Fruits and vegetables are also abundant.
     The principal articles of manufacture are cotton goods, lumber and timber products, woolen goods, paper and wood pulp, canned fish, foundry and machine shop products, and flour and grist mill products.
     The climate of Maine is temperate.
     Population in 1910, 377,052 males and 365,319 females, of whom 631,809 were of native and 110,562 of foreign birth; white, 739,995; negro, 1,363; Indian, 892; Chinese, 108; Japanese, 13. Total population, 742,371.
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