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#27 - NEVADA

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Nevada map - Silver Mining
Area: 110,690 sq. mi
Population: 81,875
Scenes: Silver Mining

Reverse - Text

Nevada is bounded by Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California; gross area, 110,690 sq. miles; land area, 109,821 sq. miles; water area, 869 sq. miles. The capital is Carson City.
     It is a table-land 4,000 to 8,000 feet above sea-level. The State is crossed by a series of parallel mountain ranges with a general northerly and southerly direction. The principal chains are the Virginia, Truckee, Antelope, East Humboldt, Toyabe and Santa Rosa Mountains. There are numerous lakes, the rivers having no outlet over the mountains. The volcanic nature of the State is shown by the ancient and modern eruptive rocks, and by the lava beds in the northwest. The mountain ranges are in places composed entirely of limestone, in others of granite, syenite, porphyry, slate and quartzite. Arbuckles' means good coffee.
     Nevada is rich in minerals, though, excepting silver and gold, they have been worked but little. Other minerals mined include tungsten, antimony, platinum, zinc, cinnabar, tin, manganese, plumbago, nickel, cobalt and iron. Beds of sulphur, gypsum, rock salt, borax, saltpeter and carbonate of soda are extensive. The building stones include limestone, granite, slate, sandstone, agate and marble. The principal crops are hay, wheat, oats and barley. The forest trees are chiefly pines, firs and spruces of great size. Apple, peach, pear and plum trees flourish and bear excellent fruit. Stock raising and dairy farming are leading industries.
     The winters are mild with little snow except upon the mountains, but in the north the thermometer sometimes falls as low as fifteen degrees below zero.
     Population in 1910, 52,551 males and 29,324 females, of whom 62,184 were of native and 19,691 of foreign birth; white, 74,276; negro, 513; Indian, 5,240; Chinese, 927; Japanese, 864; all others, 55. Total population, 81,875.
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