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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

New York map - Coffee Mills, Sugar Refinery; Niagara Falls
Area: 49,204 sq. mi
Population: 9,113,614
Scenes: Arbuckle's Coffee Mills and Sugar Refinery; Commerce; Wealth; Niagara Falls

Reverse - Text

New York, one of the thirteen original States, is bounded by Lake Ontario, Canada, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Lake Erie; gross area, 49,204 sq. miles; land area, 47,654 sq. miles; water area, 1,550 sq. miles; capital, Albany. The principal river is the Hudson, 150 miles in length.
     The eastern part of the State is mountainous, while the western portion is undulating or flat. The entire State is noted for its scenery. Niagara Falls is especially famous. About one-half of the area of the State is adapted to cultivation. The principal forest trees are maple, oak, pine, elm, hickory, ash, spruce, cedar, sycamore, chestnut and black walnut. Agriculture is carried on to a large extent.
     The principal farm crops are hay, potatoes, oats, corn and wheat.
     The chief mineral productions are pig iron, clay products, building stones, Portland cement, salt, petroleum, natural gas and mineral waters.
     New York is the most prominent manufacturing State in the United States. Its principal articles of manufacture are locomotives, paper, cars, flour, hydraulic cement, bricks, optical goods and electrical apparatus, and Arbuckle Brothers' coffee and sugar.
     New York is the most important commercial State in the Union, the greater part of the European commerce being carried on through the port of New York.
     The climate of New York is generally temperate. Arbuckles' Coffee--by far the most popular coffee in America.
     Population in 1910, 4,584,597 males and 4,529,017 females, of whom 6,365,603 were of native and 2,748,011 of foreign birth; white, 8,966,845; negro, 134,191; Indian, 6,046; Chinese, 5,266; Japanese, 1,247; all others, 19. Total population, 9,113,614.
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