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#34 - OHIO

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Ohio map - Sheep Shearing; Pottery; Perry Memorial
Area: 41,040 sq. mi
Population: 4,767,121
Scenes: Sheep Shearing; Pottery; Perry Memorial

Reverse - Text

Ohio is bounded by Michigan, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana; capital, Columbus; gross area, 41,040 sq. miles; land area, 40,740 sq. miles; water area, 300 sq. miles; principal river, the Ohio, which has a course of 430 miles.
     The surface of the State is an undulating plain. The soil is divided into three grades--limestone soils, clay of the uplands and swamp lands in the northwest. The former two are well adapted to agriculture.
     The principal farm crops are fruits, vegetables and cereals. If you have not used Arbuckles' Coffee lately, try it now. A cup in the morning will start you right.
     The principal mineral productions are petroleum, coal, limestone, clay products, natural gas and salt.
     The principal industries are stock raising and dairy farming, woolen goods and pottery.
     The climate of Ohio is, as a rule, mild, but the changes of temperature are often sudden.
     Population in 1910, 2,434,758 males and 2,332,363 females; of whom 4,168,747 were of native and 598,374 of foreign birth; white, 4,654,897; negro, 111,452; Indian, 127; Chinese, 569; Japanese, 76. Total population, 4,767,121.
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