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#36 - OREGON

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Oregon map - Salmon Fishing, Columbia River
Area: 96,699 sq. mi
Population: 672,765
Scenes: Salmon Fishing, Columbia River

Reverse - Text

Oregon is bounded by Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and the Pacific Ocean; gross area, 96,699 sq. miles; land area, 95,607 sq. miles; water area, 1,092 sq. miles; capital, Salem. The principal river is the Columbia, which is 1,300 miles in length.
     The surface of the State is mountainous, three ranges dividing it from north to south; the Coast Range, the Cascade Mountains and the Blue Mountains. The highest peak is Mt. Hood, which reaches an altitude of 11,500 feet. Eastern Oregon, embracing two-thirds of the State, is a high table-land, with little rainfall, and sparsely populated. There are fertile valleys along the rivers and lakes in the South and in the Blue Mountains. Crater Lake, in the Cascades, 8,000 feet above sea-level, is the crater of an extinct volcano, 10 miles in circumference, and surrounded by bluffs 2,000 feet high. It is the deepest body of fresh water in America. The soil is of volcanic origin, with alluvial deposits in the valleys, and is extremely fertile. Your grocer has Arbuckles' Coffee in both whole bean and ground.
     The principal mineral productions are gold, silver and coal. The building stones are granite, sandstone and limestone.
     The principal farm crops are wheat, corn, oats, hay, potatoes and barley.
     The principal industries include railroad cars, and shop construction, fish canning, flouring mills, lumber and timber, printing and publishing, ship-building, slaughtering, meat packing, and the manufacture of woolen goods.
     The climate in the western half of the State is moist and equable, while the east never has an excess of rain, and though somewhat subject to extremes of temperature, the climate is usually pleasant.
     Population in 1910, 384,265 males and 288,500 females, of whom 559,629 were of native and 113,136 of foreign birth; white, 655,090; negro, 1,492; Indian, 5,090; Chinese, 7,363; Japanese, 3,418; all others, 312. Total population, 672,765.
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