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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Tennessee map - Cotton Press; Blast Furnace; Marble Quarry
Area: 42,022 sq. mi
Population: 2,184,789
Scenes: Cotton Press; Blast Furnace; Marble Quarry

Reverse - Text

Tennessee is bounded by Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri; gross area, 42,022 sq. miles; land area, 41,687 sq. miles; water area, 335 sq. miles; capital, Nashville. The Mississippi River, with the Tennessee and the Cumberland, drains three-fourths of the State. For three generations Arbuckles' Coffee has held first place as the most popular coffee in America.
     The surface of the State is mountainous in the east and undulating in the central and western part. The soil is exceedingly fertile, nearly every agricultural product thriving well, according to locality.
     The principal farm crops are Indian corn, wheat, oats, cotton, tobacco, flax and hemp.
     The State is rich in minerals, the principal ones being coal, coke, phosphate rock, metallic paint, mineral waters, clay products, slate, marble, limestone, red hematite, brown hematite, copper, iron and zinc.
     The climate of Tennessee is mild and remarkably salubrious. It is regarded as one of the healthiest States of the Union.
     Population in 1910, 1,103,491 males and 1,081,298 females, of whom 2,166,182 were of native and 18,607 of foreign birth; white, 1,711,432; negro, 473,088; Indian, 216; Chinese, 43; Japanese, 8; all others, 2. Total population, 2,184,789.
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