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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Vermont map - Making Maple Sugar; Live-Stock Raising
Area: 9,564 sq. mi
Population: 355,956
Scenes: Tapping; Making Maple Sugar; Live-Stock Raising

Reverse - Text

Vermont is bounded by Canada, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York; gross area, 9,564 sq. miles; land area, 9,124 sq. miles; water area, 440 sq. miles; capital, Montpelier. The principal river is the Connecticut.
     The surface of the State is mountainous. The soil is very fertile.
     Vermont is noted for its production of maple sugar. The principal farm crops are corn, wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, potatoes and hay.
     The principal mineral productions are marble, granite, slate, limestone, mineral waters and clay products. Vermont is famous for its marbles. See how much more your family will enjoy their breakfast when you serve Arbuckles' Coffee.
     The principal agricultural industries are stock raising and dairy farming. The principal articles of manufacture are lumber and timber, marble and granite tombstones and monuments, paper and wood pulp, flour and grist, woolen goods, hosiery and knit goods.
     The climate of Vermont is temperate.
     Population is 1910, 182,568 males and 173,388 females, of whom 306,035 were of native and 49,921 of foreign birth; white, 354,298; negro, 1,621; Indian, 26; Chinese, 8; Japanese, 3. Total population, 355,956.
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