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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1915
Lithographer: Unidentified

Virginia map - Tobacco Growing; Ship-building
Area: 42,627 sq. mi
Population: 2,061,612
Scenes: Tobacco Growing; Ship-building

Reverse - Text

Virginia is bounded by Maryland, Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia; gross area, 42,627 sq. miles; land area, 40,262 sq. miles; water area, 2,365 sq. miles; capital, Richmond. It is one of the thirteen original States.
     The surface of the State is diversified, rising in a series of terraces from the coast to the mountains in the northwest.
     The principal farm crops are tobacco, peanuts, corn, wheat, oats, rye, buckwheat, potatoes and hay.
     The principal mineral productions are coal, Portland cement, gypsum, mineral waters, sandstone, slate, limestone and clay products.
     The principal manufactures are flour, grist, lumber and timber, chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff, iron and steel, railroad cars, cigars and cigarettes, foundry and machine shop products, leather and shipbuilding. Arbuckles' Coffee is good coffee, so good that it could never be offered at the price were it not for its tremendous sales.
     The climate of Virginia varies greatly, owing to the difference in elevation and situation. The mean annual temperature is from 55 to 60 degrees on the sea coast, and from 48 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit in the western part which is mountainous.
     Population in 1910, 1,035,348 males and 1,026,264 females, of whom 2,034,555 were of native and 27,057 of foreign birth; white, 1,389,809; negro, 671,096; Indian, 539; Chinese, 154; Japanese, 14. Total population, 2,061,612.
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