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#62 - Swallow

Size: 5" x 3"
Date: Undated
Lithographer: Unknown
Original Artist: Hector Giacomelli (see Note 2)


Reverse: The "Four Points"

NOTE: To see non-Arbuckle usage of this stock illustration, click here.

NOTE 2: I have seen this bird drawing in a folio published by Raphael Tuck around 1888 or 1889, entitled "Studies of Bird Groupings" (Series II), taken from original paintings by Hector Giacomelli. It is part of grouping No. 6 (as identified by TuckDB). I do not as yet have an image of that grouping to display here.

Illustration also appears as an element of a Hector Giacomelli painting
"ETUDES D'OISEAUX (Studies of Birds)"
(Original size: approx. 25-3/8" x 31-3/4")
(Oil on Canvas - 1890)

-- image © courtesy of Sotheby's / Art digital studio  

from Sotheby’s France
Trois collections particulières. Miniatures, dessins anciens et du XIXe siècles, tableaux du XIX siècle.

Paris, 1st of Avril 2015 - Lot 185