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Size: 6" x 5"
Copyright Date: 1884 (see note, below)
Lithographer: L. Prang & Co., Boston

I Bring
of Great
"Ye who have loved each other
Sister and Friend and brother
In the Fast Fading year
Mother and sire and child
Young man and maiden mild
Come gather here
And let your hearts grow fonder
As memory shall ponder
Each past unbroken vow
Old loves and younger wooing
Are sweet in the renewing
Under the Holly Bough"
Prang - Behold I bring Unto You...

Reverse(s): Poison In The Cup ('3a') (overprinted as shown)

NOTE: Although this card bears an 1884 copyright date, it's likely that the actual Arbuckle Bros. usage is from sometime later, as the Arbuckle company apparently just overprinted the backs of existing supplies of the cards. In fact, since the card shown above bears the "Poison In The Cup!" affidavit, it would clearly have to have been issued in 1888 or later.