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Size: 7-7/8" x 5"
Copyright Date: 1883 (see note, below)
Lithographer: L. Prang & Co, Boston

and Honor, and
Glory, and Power,
be unto Him that sitteth
upon the Throne, and
unto the Lamb,
For ever and ever!"

  V: 13

Prang - Easter card

Back - "Easter Greeting"

Reverse(s): Poison In The Cup ('1b') (overprinted as shown)

NOTE: Although this card bears an 1883 copyright date, it's likely that the actual Arbuckle Bros. usage is from sometime later, as the Arbuckle company apparently just overprinted the backs of existing supplies of the cards. In fact, since the card shown above bears the "Poison In The Cup!" affidavit, it clearly must have been issued in 1888 or later.