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MISCELLANY - Unnumbered

Size: 5" x 3"
Date: Undated
Lithographer: Geo. S. Harris & Sons
Original Artist: Edith Salaman


Reverse(s): Factory Scene ('a'); The "Four Points" ('2a')

This image also appears in a Raphael Tuck & Sons catalog for the 1889 season. It is an example of their offering for folio No. 149, "FOUR STUDIES OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND & WALES", by Edith Salaman. (Futher details on this and other Raphael Tuck "Studies" can be found at TuckDB Catalogues.) It appears that the same designs for the other 3 Arbuckle cards in this "Women" grouping likely also can be found in this folio.

Whether Arbuckles' used these Tuck images as the basis for their cards, or whether both companies just used a common source, is unknown at this time.

-- image courtesy of TuckDB Catalogues