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#52 - PERSIA

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Donaldson Brothers

Persia map - Ottar of Roses; Native Carpet Weaver; Diving for Pearls
Area: 636,000 sq. mi
Population: 7,650,000
Government: Monarchy
Scenes: Ottar of Roses; Native Carpet Weaver; Diving for Pearls

Although the cards in this series didn't include any additional descriptive information for the individual countries, the subsequently issued
Illustrated Atlas of Fifty Principal Nations of the World
did devote several paragraphs to

Printing Variety or Error
Shown below are detailed images of the lower left corner of two Persia cards that I have in my collection. The first card has the normal text with the area, population, and government shown in black on a green background. The second omits that information and has no printing at all in the green area.

I don't know if this text was inadvertently left off the card in an early printing (a true "variety"), or if the text was simply not printed on some cards due to an inking problem on one of the lithographic stones or perhaps a mistake that allowed a sheet of the cards to bypass a step in the printing process (an "error"). This variety/error was found on a card with the "Arbuckle's" spelling in the Explanatory text on the back.

If anyone else has run across a card similar to this, I'd appreciate hearing about it.