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#91 - SIAM

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Donaldson Brothers

Siam map - Sacred White Elephant; The Nutmeg; Floating City of Bankok
Area: about 250,000 sq. mi
Population: about 6,000,000
Government: A Nominally Hereditary Monarchy
Scenes: Land of the Sacred White Elephant; The Nutmeg; Floating City of Bangkok - Population 600,000

Although the cards in this series didn't include any additional descriptive information for the individual countries, the subsequently issued
Illustrated Atlas of Fifty Principal Nations of the World
did devote several paragraphs to

"COPYRIGHT" Text Variations
Appears in the lower left quadrant of the card, in the grassy area just above the three spears and the words "SACRED WHITE". (This is the variety shown in the full-size card, above).
Appears in the far upper right corner of the card, superimposed over the latticework framing the Bangkok scene.
Both varieties shown are known to exist only on cards with the "Arbuckles'" spelling in the Explanatory text on the back. (I've never seen a Siam card with the "Arbuckle's" spelling, and don't currently believe that that particular variety exists on any cards numbered 91-100 in the series.)