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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1889
Lithographer: Donaldson Bros.

Florida map - Oranges, winter resorts
Area: 58,680 sq. mi.
Population: 269,493
Scenes: Oranges, Winter Resorts

Shown above is a detail image from the back of an interesting variety found on a few of these Florida cards and originally identified by Jerry Anderson. It was first printed incorrectly, bearing "No 52", which should be for Maine. It appears that this error was discovered before at least some of the cards were distributed, and that a sufficient number of these were still on hand to make it worthwhile for the lithographer to create an overprint to correct the error. Two solid bars were printed over the original "No 52", and the correct "59" was printed to the right of it. (I also have a copy of the misnumbered card without the corrective overprint.)

This type of overprint correction has also been found on the Maine (#52), Pennsylvania (#54), Oregon (#55), Maryland (#56), West Virginia (#57) and Louisiana (#58) cards in this series. Please see the Errors & Curiosities - State Maps page to view examples. I'd be very interested in hearing from other collectors who've run across similar misprints on this and any other Arbuckle cards.

Although the cards in this series didn't include any additional descriptive information for the individual states or territories, the subsequently issued
Illustrated Atlas of the United States of America
did devote several paragraphs to