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Back View - Examples

The back of each card in this series contains identical text, in a vertical format printed in a shade of blue, with the left side containing the standard "Four Points" litany explaining the virtues of Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee, and the right side explaining what the series represents.

There are two distinct varieties on the card backs of this series. The most distinguishing characteristic is the word or in the upper left corner. There are also differences in some of the fonts used and the spacing of the text. However, the text itself appears to be identical between the two. (A similar variation appears on the backs of the National Geographical series.)

I believe that "ARBUCKLE'S" was probably a first printing as that usage also appears on the Cooking series which was issued at (or about) the same time. The "ARBUCKLES'" usage seems to be the more preferred usage appearing on most of the other cards, so I'm inclined to think that this was a second, "corrected" printing. (Also, the erroneous population figure on card #57 - West Virginia seems to have only appeared on the "first" printing.)

All 50 cards exist in both varieties and both seem to be about equally common.

1st Printing (?) - "ARBUCKLE'S"

2nd Printing (?) - "ARBUCKLES'"

Left section: The Four Points (Type '7')

Right section:


This series of cards is at once the most interesting, instructive and artistic, yet offered as an advertisement. Every card is a study in itself, and affords an object lesson for both young and old. The series consists of fifty cards, each one of which shows a correct map (properly bounded) of one State, or Territory. The pictures illustrating the peculiar industries and scenery of the States and Territories are entirely new, and by the very best American artists.

If you chance to get two cards of one kind, your neighbor also may have two of a kind, in which case you can exchange with each other.

Alabama Missouri
Alaska Montana Territory
Arizona Territory Nebraska
Arkansas Nevada
California New Hampshire
Colorado New Jersey
Connecticut New Mexico Ter'y
Delaware New York
Dist. of Columbia North Carolina
Florida North Dakota
Georgia Ohio
Idaho Territory Oregon
Illinois Pennsylvania
Indiana Rhode Island
Indian Territory South Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas Tennessee
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Utah Territory
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia
Massachusetts Washington Ter'y
Michigan West Virginia
Minnesota Wisconsin
Mississippi Wyoming Ter'y