Arbuckle Coffee Trade Cards Banner


Size: 28" x 21"
Copyrighted: Unknown
Lithographer: Donaldson Lith.

-- image courtesy of Ron Schieber -- image courtesy of Chuck Millburn

These terrific full-color posters were apparently created by Arbuckle Bros. as point-of-sale promotional tools for the State Map series. Although the overall layout of the two posters is nearly identical, each features a different assortment of 12 cards from the series.

I've also acquired several pieces of scrap cut from a similar poster, consisting of card images that show different states than the "cards" depicted on these two posters. That would seem to indicate that at least one additional poster with a similar format was produced to promote the State Maps series. Considering that each poster shows 12 different cards, and that there were 50 cards in the series, it seems likely that a total of 4 different posters could have been produced. To see images of those scrap pieces, and notes on how they relate to these posters, see the State Maps Errors & Curiosities page.

Similar posters were produced for the Cooking, National Geographical and Zoological series. (If anyone has any pictures of other posters for any of the Arbuckle card series' that they'd be willing to share, please let me know.)