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Size: approx. 3" x 5"
Date: Undated
Lithographer: Unidentified
Artist: C. White

Arbuckle - man luring donkey

Reverse(s): The "Four Points" (Type 1)

"C White" Signature Variations
I've found two varieties (so far) in the "C White" artist's signature which appears on this card, as shown below. As you can see, the style of the signature is noticeably different, but its positioning on the card is about the same. In both cases, the signature appears near the lower right corner of the card.

(as shown on the full size card, above)
MOST DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: jagged line to left of "C"; cross on "t" lines up with dot above the "i" and slants down to touch top of "e"

MOST DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: straight line to left of "C"; cross on "t" lines up with dot on "i" and goes straight across, well above top of "e"

NOTE: To see a later (?) Arbuckle use of this illustration, click here.