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Size: 3" x 5"
Date: Undated
Lithographer: Unidentified

Arbuckle - Energetic Measures

Reverse(s): The "Four Points" (Blue - Type 4a)

PASTOR (dismissing congregation).--De membahs what am pervided wid
umbrellahs will please wait till I take a look at 'em. Sence de mysterious dis-
appearunce of my own umbrella last Sunday, dar am a dark cloud ob suspicion
floatin' over dis yer church, which hab got to be dispelled!
FROM "PUCK"         

NOTE: This card uses the same illustration as card #83 in the Satire - Part 2 series, but was issued separately in a slightly larger format, is not numbered, and does not have a frame line around the illustration. There are minor differences in the text layout and the shading is somewhat softer in this card. There are also very minor differences in the layout of the " Four Points" sales pitch on the back of the card.

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Originally published in Puck: Vol. XXIII, No. 593 - July 18, 1888

Artist: W. L. Sheppard