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Although the bulk of this site consists of images taken from my personal collection of Arbuckle trade cards, that collection is hardly complete. In order for this site to serve as a truly comprehensive reference to the Arbuckle cards, assistance from my fellow collectors in providing images from their own collections, to fill the gaps in mine, is always appreciated.

Any images contributed will be credited on the page where they're displayed, and each contributor's generosity will be noted here.

I would very much like to thank:

Steve Jones
(aka: "scrapbookbuyer")
For taking the time to identify, scan, and send to me 9 images that were originally needed for the Satire - Part 1 series and another 8 images originally needed for Satire - Part 2, in the early days of this site, before I was fortunate enough to add those cards to my own collection.
Greg Q. ArBuckle
(aka: "arbycoffee")
Greg was a huge help in the early days of this site, suppling 10 images that were needed at the time for the Satire - Part 2 series, 2 images for the Miscellany - Unnumbered series, 1 Satire card for the Short Sets category, 12 of the Tuck Art Types, 14 cards for the "Counter" cards group, 12 of the images for Rolled White Oats (Non-Coffee), 7 of the "Vesta" Laundry Soap cards (Non-Coffee), 10 of the Arbuckle & Co.'s Candies cards (Non-Coffee), and even the first Arbuckles' "JAV-OCHA" Coffee card I had ever seen. Whew!! These were fantastic and greatly appreciated additions to the site!
Ron Schieber
(R.I.P. - 1940-2016)
For taking the time to identify, scan, transcribe, and send to me 5 images that were needed for Satire - Part 1, as well as one image for Cooking, two for Miscellany - Numbered, and an extraordinary 25 for Miscellany - Unnumbered. Those images came in very handy back in the days when I was initially building this site, before I was able to add many of those cards to my own collection. Ron has also provided images for several "back-of-the-book" cards and some wonderful posters promoting various card sets.

Sadly, I have received word that Ron passed away in 2016.  His contributions to this site, and to the trade card collecting hobby in general, will be greatly missed.
Martin Murray
(aka: "Murray Cards (Int) Ltd")
For taking the time to review his extensive collection and stock to assist in identifying varieties that have come to light for individual cards and entire series, particularly the Copyright text variations in Sports & Pastimes.
Jerry Anderson
(aka: "jerry-anderson")
For taking the time to provide the measurements of the various Copyright lines that I've included on the Copyright text variations page in Sports & Pastimes, and to help in identifying which cards exist with which varieties.
Jerry was also kind enough to loan me his collection of Zoological cards, so that I could scan images of several of his cards that were in better condition than mine. This also resulted in identifying another card in the series that definitely exists with significant variations in the border color.
Jerry's diligent research succeeded in tracking down microfilm copies of Texas Siftings which resulted in his identification of ALL of the original source issues for the Satire cards which used cartoons first published therein. That information and images of those cartoons have been added to the corresponding page for each card. Jerry also located many of the original Judge source issues which I had been unable to find, as well as a number of Puck's Library issues containing reprints of the original Puck cartoons.

Jerry continues to support this site with images, comments, research and other assistance as his own Arbuckle collection continues to grow.
Ian Woodyard For taking the time to scan and send to me images of 11 cards from his collection which show non-Arbuckle usage (by the A. Dreyfus store in Alsace - Germany/France) for several Sports & Pastimes illustrations.
Randy Webb
(aka: "black-hole")
For being a magnanimous auction winner (I being the gracious loser) and taking the time to scan and send me images of a beautiful Christmas "Counter" card.
Chuck Millburn
(R.I.P. -  194?-2019)
For taking the time to identify, scan, and send to me an image of a printing error found on the Maryland card in the State Maps series. Chuck has also provided images for several nice "Counter" cards, a State Maps poster, and reported a "brown-backed" version of the Siberia card in National Geographical which I hadn't previously run across.

Sadly, I have learned that Chuck passed away in 2019.  His contributions to this site, and to the trade card collecting hobby in general, will be greatly missed.
Ray Kowal
(aka: "alsipguy")
For being a magnanimous auction winner (I being the gracious loser) and taking the time to scan and send me images of one of the "Counter" cards.
John Kemler
(aka: "genghiskhan")
For supplying me with a photo of a beautiful poster distributed by Arbuckles' promoting the Cooking series. John has also supplied images for cards in the "Counter" card and Short Sets groupings.
Diane Scherzler For providing me with invaluable assistance and inspiration in identifying several additional books which published some of the engravings on which the Zoological series was based, and especially for identifying the original engraver of the Friedrich Specht Lion drawing as her great-grandfather, Emil Scherzler.
University of Florida For permission to use 4 images from the 1886 McLoughlin Bros. "Bird and Animal Series" publications, Wild Animals and Game Animals, which are held in the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Digital Collection. The university's extraordinary efforts to scan and digitize collections such as this in order to provide readily available online access to a worldwide audience of readers and researchers is greatly appreciated.
Sotheby'sFor permission to use an image of a Hector Giacomelli painting from Lot 185 of the Sotheby's April 1, 2015, Paris auction catalog, "Trois collections particulières. Miniatures, dessins anciens et du XIXe siècles, tableaux du XIX siècle". This 1890 painting, entitled "ETUDES D'OISEAUX Studies of Birds", includes drawings of various birds which can also be found on 7 of the Arbuckle cards in the Miscellany - Numbered series, although it's unlikely that the painting is the actual original source for those cards. Not only was Sotheby's Press Office kind enough to grant permission to use the catalog image, but they graciously provided me with a high-resolution photo of the painting. That enabled me to include not only the entire painting on the individual pages for each of those 7 bird cards, but also a corresponding detail image for each one from the matching portion of the painting.
TuckDBFor granting blanket permission to freely use the images from TuckDB Ephemera and TuckDB Postcards. These two large sites, devoted to documenting the postcards and other ephemera produced over the life span of the Raphael Tuck & Sons publishing house, have proven to be a very useful resource in identifying additional non-Arbuckle usage for many of the designs used by Arbuckles' in the Miscellany - Numbered, Miscellany - Unnumbered, Tuck Art Types, and Counter Card groupings.