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Size: 4-1/2" x 3-3/8"
Date: Undated
Lithographer: Unidentified (but probably Raphael Tuck)
Original Artist: Rebecca Coleman

Reverse: "A Picture Similar to this..."

Although none of the three "Angel Head" cards in this series carry any identification as to lithographer or artist, I've found several references connecting this design to an artist named Rebecca Coleman. It seems her "Angel's Head" paintings won 7th place in an 1880 Christmas card design contest sponsored by Raphael Tuck.& Sons of London. The winning designs were used by Tuck for 1881 holiday cards, such as this one from an exhibition of Victorian holiday cards by the Lilly Library at Indiana University.

The November 15, 1880, issue of The Printing Times and Lithographer, and the December 1, 1881, issue of The British Trade Journal, also have interesting articles about the design contest and an exhibition of the designs by Raphael Tuck. (Thanks to Google Books for digitizing those publications.)

NOTE: This card uses the same illustration as one of the cards in the Miscellany - Unnumbered group.

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