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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1891
Lithographer: Joseph P. Knapp

Madrid, Spain - Palace of Courts; La Rue d'Algala
Illustrations: Bull fighter; Palace of Courts; La Rue d'Algala; Spanish Lady

Reverse - Text
Right section:
Unlike nearly every other Capital of Europe, Madrid is not placed upon the banks of a navigable river, being located in the very centre of Spain, on a vast sandy plateau about 2,200 feet above the sea level. The view on approaching the city is very fine; the atmosphere clear and full of light, colors cheerful, and the snowy heights of the Guadarrama range forming a noble background. It was chosen as the Capital by Philip II, in 1560, but most of the great works adorning the city were designed in the reign of Charles III. The houses are handsome and lofty, generally built of brick; those of the nobility, of stone. Plaza Mayor is a grand square containing a statue of Philip III. on horseback. This square was the scene of executions and bull-fights. Calle d'Alcala is a fine street leading to the Puerta del Sol, a large, much frequented area, where eight of the principal streets meet. This place is ornamented with a handsome fountain, and when lighted up at night, and crowded with people, presents a very gay appearance.
The Royal Palace is a large square edifice, 100 feet high, each front extending 470 feet. It commands a fine prospect and has a splendid interior. The grand staircase, Hall of the Ambassadors, and numerous saloons are in keeping with the design of this most beautiful of Royal Palaces.
There are many famous art gallaries and other places of interest. The climate is noted for violent extremes, there being often a difference of 20 degrees between the sides of the same street, owing to the intense heat of the sunny side, and the icy wind blowing from the mountains on the shady side.
In the early centuries, owing to the extreme elevation, water was very hard to procure, being furnished only by the Gallegos or water carriers. It was a current joke that every drop of water was drunk and none left for ablution. An English hydraulic company have now provided the place with an abundance of pure water.
Population 1887, 472,228.