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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1891
Lithographer: Joseph P. Knapp

Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Castle; Craigmillar Castle
Illustrations: High Street; A Scotch Lassie; Edinburgh Castle; A Highlander; Edinburgh from Craigmillar Castle

Reverse - Text
Right section:
The point commanding at a glance the view of all the most noted features within and around Edinburgh, is Calton Hill, at the summit of which is Nelson's Monument, its top 350 feet above the sea, and where every day at one o'clock an electric time signal indicates the hour.
Edinburgh Castle is on a rock which was the site of a stronghold before the earliest dates of Scottish history, and is connected with many of the stirring scenes recorded in the annals of this interesting country. The entrance to the Castle is by an esplanade on the east. This is the only entrance. On leaving the confines, a continuous route leads through the time-honored chain of streets, the Lawn Market, High Street, with its narrower portion called Nether Bow, and Cannongate, to Holyrood Palace.
The Scott Monument is an elegant structure in the form of an open crucial Gothic spire, supported on four early English arches which serve as a canopy for the statue. It is about 200 feet high. Under the central basement arch is a marble statue of Sir Walter Scott with a figure of his favorite dog at his feet.
St. Giles' Church is a Gothic edifice with massive square tower terminating in open stone work in the form of a crown, and is noted as the scene of many remarkable events. Behind the church is Parliament Square. This occupies the site of an ancient cemetery where the reformer, John Knox, was buried. The Hall of Parliament House is very beautiful with its stained-glass windows, pictures and statues.
Holyrood Palace is renowned for legendary romance as to its origin and for the actual tragic incidents of royalty within its walls. On the way of the Queen's Drive, Craigmillar Castle is seen in the distance, where Mary Queen of Scots often resided.
Population 1889, (est.) 271,135.