Arbuckle Coffee Trade Cards Banner

#48 - NEW YORK

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1891
Lithographer: Joseph P. Knapp

New York City - Statue of Liberty; Brooklyn Bridge; Broadway
Illustrations: A Broker; Statue of Liberty; New York City; A New York Girl; Brooklyn Bridge; Broadway

NOTE: I've discovered 2 printing varieties for this card, distinguishable by the color and format of the tiny "NEW YORK" text in the lower left corner of the card.
Appears in a shade of blue with "NEW" centered directly above "YORK". (This is the variety shown in the full-size card, above).
Appears in a shade of red with "NEW" offset to the left above "YORK".

Reverse - Text
Right section:
This grand commercial centre of the United States, and, indeed, of the entire continent, covers the whole of Manhattan Island, and a portion of the main land. The broad and deep Hudson marks its western boundary, and the East river separates it from Long Island on the other side. The city is 16 miles long, and its greatest breadth, in the northerly section, 4 miles. Its harbor, consisting of upper and lower bays, is famed as being one of the largest, safest, and most beautiful in the world. A wonderful suspension bridge, crossing East River and joining Brooklyn to New York, was completed in 1883, at a cost of some $15,000,000. It includes a promenade for foot-passengers, two railroad tracks with passenger cars propelled by a stationary engine on the Brooklyn side, and two roadways for vehicles. Its distance from high-water mark is ample for navigation beneath. There are many public parks, the spacious Central Park being one of the finest in the world. Broadway stretches from the extreme southern terminus of the town to Central Park, a distance of 5 miles, presenting more variety in its architecture, its shops, and its throngs of people, than can probably be found in any other street in the world. Wall street and its neighborhood forms the most exciting business arena of the city, controlling the pulse of trade throughout America. The Stock Exchange, the New York market for the purchase and sale of public stocks, bonds, and similar securities, occupies an extensive building, where the contests of the "bulls" and "bears" at certain hours of the business day pass description. Fifth Avenue is the elegant thoroughfare which disports the fashion of the metropolis.
In the lower left hand corner of the picture, directly underneath the bridge, and near the right hand tower, is seen one of the two factories of Arbuckle Brothers, where the Ariosa Brand of Coffee is roasted and prepared for the market.
This building is situated on the water front and is one of the largest and most imposing structures in this vicinity of Brooklyn.
Population of New York City,