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Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1891
Lithographer: Joseph P. Knapp

Santiago, Chile - Central Railway Station; Girl Car-Conductor; Cowboy; Calle del Puenta; Archbishop's Palace and Cathedral
Illustrations: Central Railway Station; A Girl Car-Conductor; A Cowboy; Calle del Puenta; Archbishop's Palace and Cathedral

Reverse - Text
Right section:
Santiago, the Capital of Chili, is in a wide and beautiful plain, about 1,830 feet above the sea, between the main ranges of the Andes and the less elevated heights of Cuesta del Prado, 115 miles by rail, east of Valparaiso. The rocky hill of Santa Lucia, with its two fortresses, rises in the centre of the city, and on the N.N.W. and N.E. are the hills of Colina, Renca, and San Cristobal. The Mapocho, a turbid mountain stream, flows west through the heart of the city, joining in its course first the Colina and then the Maipo. It is spanned by several handsome bridges, the oldest of which, having eleven arches, dates 1767-1779. The Cathedral in the principal square--Plaza de la Indepencia--is the oldest of the churches. Among the secular buildings are the Palace of the Intendency, the old Presidential Palace, government buildings, Palace of Justice, and the Municipal Theatre. The city covers an expanse of many square miles, and includes an odd mixture of antique and modern features in its arrangement--palaces and paltry buildings side by side--yet in many respects it is so remarkable as to merit its being considered the Paris of Chili; the city to which all Chilians' eyes are turned, and to which sooner or later all Chilian enterprise gravitates. It bids fair to become in the course of time one of the handsomest cities south of the equator.
A few years aga Santa Lucia was a rude barren rock; it is now a most charming rural park, a hanging garden with sinuous walks climbing to a height of some 300 feet, surmounted by towers and battlements of mediŠval style, within which are restaurants and the pretty summer theatre. The view from this spot is of surpassing beauty, especially on a moonlight night.
Santiago is the great educational centre of Chili, the actual President, Balmaceda, holding it as an especial hobby, particularly the training of primary schools. In Santiago College great prominence is given to English text books and English teachers.
Population 1885, 200,000.