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An Illustrated Reference

ARBUCKLES' ARIOSA COFFEE: Victorian Trade Cards (ISBN: 978-0-692-07723-8)
ISBN: 978-0-692-07723-8
Publication Date: March 19, 2018
8" x 11" - 318 pages

Since a website devoted to ephemera is itself a form of ephemera, I've taken the time to put together a more tangible and durable reference in the form of an "old fashioned" book, made of actual paper and ink.  It is my hope that this book will serve Arbuckle card collectors and historians far into the future, well beyond the lifetime of this website.  (No, the website isn't expected to go away any time soon, but I'm trying to take a long-term view here!)

This 318-page softcover reference includes full-color images of each and every card that was issued as part of a series, as well as most of the known cards that were issued independently.  Printing varieties that have been identified for some cards are detailed and, in most cases, also illustrated.  For a few of the series, which did not use designs originally commissioned for Arbuckles', background information has been included which traces the original sources for those designs. In other words, most of the details about the Arbuckle cards that can be found on this site have also been incorporated into the book.

Hopefully, this book will serve not only as a valuable resource for active collectors of these wonderful old pieces of Americana, but perhaps also as an inspiration for future collectors and historians to delve into the fascinating world of both the Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company and Victorian Trade Cards in general.

The thumbnails below provide links to a representative selection of pages found in the book.  Click on any thumbnail to open an enlarged image of that page. Or download a PDF (~22.4 MB) with all 18 sample pages for easier viewing.

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