Arbuckle Coffee Trade Cards Banner

Back View - Example

The back of each card in this series contains identical text, in a vertical format printed in a shade of blue, with the left half containing the standard "Grind Your Coffee At Home" explaining the benefits of do-it-yourself coffee grinding, and the right half explaining what the series represents. The card number is printed at the bottom right.

I'm not aware of any variations in the card backs of this series.


Left section: Grind Your Own
Right section:

The series of cards to which this one belongs, consists of 50, each card of which shows a true picture (drawn and colored by an eminent artist) of one of the most interesting specimens of the animal kingdom, and giving the classical appellation, together with the English name, of each animal portrayed. Every package of Arbuckle's Coffee contains either one of these cards, or one of our series of 50 National Geographical cards, an equal number of which are used in conjunction with the Zoological cards--both series being so distributed that every pound package, in each 100 pound case, contains a card different from those contained in all the other packages. Teachers and parents unanimously agree in declaring our cards to be the best conceived and executed object lessons for young people.

Names of Animals Represented:
Aard Vark Leopard
Alpine Hare Lion
Angora Goat Llama
Aye-Aye Mullingong
Asiatic Elephant Opossum
Badger Orang-Outang
Beaver Otocyon
Big-Horn Ounce
Bison Panda
Blotched Genett Phatagin
Buansuah Polar Bear
Cacomixle Puma
Camel Reindeer
Cheetah Rimau-da-han
Ermine Spring Haas
European Lynx Taguan
Galago Tanrec
Gems-Bok Tatou
Giraffe Tiger
Gnu Vlacke Vark
Gorilla Whallabee
Ind'n Rhinoceros Yak
Jackal Zebith
Jaguar Zebra
Kuda-Ayer Zebu