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Actual Size: 6-7/8" x 11-1/8" (shown approx. 1/2 scale, above)
Pages: 14 (incl. covers)
Copyrighted: 1890*
Lithographer: The Knapp Co.

This wonderful booklet was offered by Arbuckles' Notion Department as an advertising premium. All that was required was to send in 15 signatures (later reduced to 10) cut from 1-lb. packages of Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee, along with a 2 stamp, and the album would soon arrive in the mailbox, hopefully even before the next 15 pounds of coffee was polished off! I believe that this album, along with similar ones for the State Maps ("Illustrated Atlas of the United States of America") and National Geographical series ("Illustrated Atlas of Fifty Principal Nations of the World"), was among the earliest premiums that Arbuckles' ever offered. This one is listed as No. 4 (of 22) in an 1896 premium list that I have, and was probably available for several years before and after that time. (Interestingly, although the copyright date on the album is 1890, there is text at the back that references coffee shipments to 1893, so perhaps the album wasn't actually produced before 1894.)

The album contains illustrations of all 50 cards in the Zoological series, arranged four to a page, with Cacomixle (Bassaris astuta) and Zebu (Bos indicus) on the back cover (see below). The cards on each page are arranged in a rather informal fashion, sometimes overlapping, such that there is room for additional artwork portraying various natural settings. As with the cards themselves, no artist is ever credited with the drawings. (However, please see box* below for additional information on the possible origin of these illustrations.)